September, 2022
During July and August Moon observations were made. A FWHM of 1 degree was predicted and was confirmed, as it is possible to see in the image.

The Moon seen by the 111 TES detectors at the focal plane of QUBIC that are unsaturated (saturation was expected in Salta city).


May17th 2021
Following the planning for the shipment of QUBIC to Argentina, the instrument packaging process began on May 17th. On May 18, the cyostat and all auxiliary equipment were packed for transportation. The arrival at the port of Buenos Aires will be on June 18th.

A great job by the QUBIC Collaboration at the APC, in Paris!

April 9th 2021
The QUBIC fore-baffle, designed and realized in Roma-La Sapienza, has just been shipped from Roma to APC in order to be put in the same box as the rest of the instrument for the shipment to Argentina scheduled for May 17th!

Congratulation to Marco de Petris and his team!

New Calibration Result: Spectro-Imaging demonstrated with real data for the first time !
Measurements in the lab at APC demonstrate the feasibility of spectral imaging with QUBIC. We are using the artificial millimetre-wave source to illuminate the QUBIC telescope, and by scanning the instrument in azimuth and elevation we make a map of the source. Afterwards, using the unique feature of bolometric interferometry which has a sharply frequency dependent beam on the sky, we can do a data analysis which separates the map into different frequency bands (or colours of radio light). The frequency dependent beam of QUBIC is shown in the upper left of the image below. The spectral response is shown in the curve on the top right. The bottom five images are the maps made with QUBIC at each of the frequency bands. The bright point at the centre is the calibration source. As expected, the source is visible in the centre band, and faint in the adjacent bands, and invisible in the outside bands.

First empirical demonstration of spectral imaging using bolometric interferometry.

Q-U Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology